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What Mama’s Reading

I haven’t had the chance to read much, since baby #4 was born– surprise, surprise! Just before he was born, I had a chance to finish 1Q84, by Haruki Murakami.

Perhaps more poignantly, rather than not being able to read, I haven’t been able to venture to the adult section in the library, because, as you may be well familiar, you have to be absolutely quiet and calm in that part of the library– something my big kids are not always necessarily the best at. I’m sure the librarian from our local library would attest to his joyful sprinting through the stacks and laughing all the while yesterday afternoon, during our brief visit.

So anyhow, our largest local library has many floors of books, with the adult books being on different floors than the children’s (and therefore utter insanity to attempt to brave with the kids), but the smaller local libraries have the pin drop silent adult section, which is located adjacent to the kids section. So, the past two times when we have visited the smaller libraries, I quickly snuck over and grabbed some things.

Here’s what I’m hoping to make a dent into:

Thinking Fast and Slow

Steve Jobs

The Scarlet Letter

and for the TJEd Discussion of the Classics group, Jane Eyre

Also, as a part of our “KidSchool,” we have begun The Violet Fairy Book, The Green Fairy Book, and Little Women.

Additionally, I have picked up some pretty killer audio books, IMHO, but so far my kids hate them all indiscriminately. These include Little Town on the Prairie, Treasury of Native American Heroines, Magic Tree House books, and many more. It is literally as though my children believe that the sound system in our car should solely be used for music. Further, unfortunately, this isn’t a new phenomenon. They have hated audio books since our first attempt. My five year old literally yells, repeatedly, “I HATE this! Turn it off!” So pleasant to hear as a driver 🙂 Anyhow, we shall see what other means we may find to listen to these treasures.

What are you reading these days?


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