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Letter to Governor Brown

June 26, 2015

To: Office of the Governor, Honorable Edmund G. Brown Jr.

From: Dr. Rob Cohen

Dear Governor,

I was born in San Mateo, Ca in 1968. My parents were born in San Francisco. I now hail from San Diego County. I have lived and worked and played in San Diego and the Bay Area in different times of my life. And I am all California, all my life. I grew-up in California public schools. I graduated from San Jose State University. I am California. As are my family, as are all my friends. My family has been life long democrats for generations, since the 1880s. I have to say, for those reasons and because you’re a native local like me, I have always been a big fan of yours. And I’ve often wondered how great it would be if you became president of The United States of America. I’m proud of the Great State of California and The United States of America. It would be great to send one of our own to The White House.

However Governor, the party is over. The love-fest has evaporated. And I say that because SB277 has me afraid. My faith in my political leaders is marred by my own observation of how politics are run in our Great State. I wish I could take you out for a couple of ales at a local tavern so that we could just talk. Like two honorable men. Just a couple guys, having a couple beers, loosened-up, shoot from the hip, accepting of the other’s thoughts, and just taking care of business.

If I had that opportunity, I would tell you that SB277 scares me. It literally makes me afraid of government. And I have never been afraid of the government of the State of California or The USA until right now, at 47 years old. I have two little boys. I work my tail off for them, to carve out a fate for us that they can flourish within. But with SB277, I see a deranged future for them in a country that I’m not sure I’ll recognize if we pass laws like this. Think about it Governor….It’s pretty strange to pass laws that make medical procedures mandatory in order to acquire a civil right granted to us by the California Constitution: Public and Private education.

And Governor, SB277 isn’t about vaccinations or protecting the populace from infectious disease. AB2109 is already doing just that. And I’m not sure I’m against the concept of vaccinations. I’m not. However, there is no compelling state interest to pass such government over reach. On the contrary, consider these statistics from the California department of public health, since AB2109 took effect: Santa Monica-Malibu Unified: personal belief exemptions fell from 14.8% to 11.5%. With that, comes increased vaccinations. Capistrano Unified Personal Belief Exemptions fell from 9.5% to 8.6% since AB2109. Beverly Hills Unified fell from 11.9% to 5%. And Laguna Beach Unified fell from 15.1% to 2%. These are the types of communities Senator Pan is worried about. The last two examples were huge drops in Personal Belief Exemptions at 54% and 86% respectively. That is huge decline with increased vaccinations in those communities. Plus, overall MMR vaccination rates are stable and at or near record highs. Furthermore, There is no history of communicable disease outbreak in these communities that even comes close to the low numbers from the Disneyland outbreak. AB2109 is working. We should let it do it’s job. It has allowed for community immunity while simultaneously giving a small percentage their civil rights, thanks to you when you added the personal and religious belief exemptions. SB277 does not achieve this. SB277 only propagates fear in the populace and it segregates and discriminates a group of kids from their constitutional rights.

And Regarding Senator Pan….If we were in that tavern together enjoying a few libations in moderation, I would ask you what is this guy’s deal? He’s a medical doctor. Ok great. So what? Well, he’s a medical doctor that is a legislator. And he’s attempting to legislate a medical procedure that does carry some risk of harm. Vaccinations have harmed people, and the industry is not held liable, as it is indemnified by the United States Government, and is uninsurable to the risk. The government has paid out over $3billion in damages to those who have suffered vaccine-related injuries. That alone proves there is a risk of harm. In lieu of that, I would tell you this scenario of making something like this as mandatory, is very bad, Governor. That’s real bad. That concept to me leads us down a slippery slope where you and I right now, need to peer into the future to see what this leads to. The pharmaceutical industry lobbyists, who we all know are very powerful and very well-financed. And I’m not sure medical doctors or other healthcare professionals should be allowed to become politicians. They will just want to pass laws to promote their procedures and products, making the mandatory, so their industry and themselves can gain. Think about it and let’s cut the BS, that industry stands to profit when legislation is passed whereby their products are made mandatory to the population. And why not, they are not held liable. If one of their vaccine products hurts an individual, so what? They made the sale and they’re not liable. What a perfect margin they obtain from that dysfunctional scenario.

Mandatory medical procedures with risk of harm by an industry who is not held liable when there is harm. Wow. And then the government bails them out. So, where does that lead us? Where do the injured turn to? I really don’t know. That scares me for people. It has me interested in entering politics. This freedom-stripping and destruction of choice and parental rights has me thinking of entering politics. I became a republican because of this. The freedoms and liberties in this country have been a beacon of light for the world for over 200 years. I feel I need to fight to preserve that. We sell that down the river when we remove rights and make mandatory any medical procedure. Taking the choice away from people is insane to me. Disrespecting one’s personal beliefs based on their own research, disrespecting their faith in their own religion is unacceptable. Having the state control children outside of parental rights is disparaging and bizarre to me. I don’t want to cover the ingredients in vaccines, Governor. But I doubt Jews, Christians, and Muslims aren’t real thrilled with some of the crap in these vaccines. Pig and cattle cell cultures. Insect cell cultures. Fetal dna cultures. Give me a break. Some people just don’t want that stuff or Aluminum or other harmful chemicals injected into themselves or their babies. If people want to do that, great. Go ahead. But if people don’t, then we must consider that we are all equal under the law. And never segregate or discriminate.

Does this coming trend lead us to more medical professionals becoming politicians? Does it lead to more medical procedures be mandatory? If so, that is tyranny. If so, that means the government is inserting itself between and in destruction of the relationship between doctor and patient. That is a fact. And myself and other doctors despise that concept of stripped freedom and over-reaching government control which is driven by a multinational industry who very well may be the most financially powerful on the entire planet Earth.

Governor, that scares the shit out of people. Remember, we are a couple guys just chatting in a bar about the truth and honor. And how honor must be carried out. Because I’m not seeing a lot of honor in Sacramento right now. It’s on you Governor. You must lead the charge and be the one.

Governor, the honorable thing to do is to veto this bill and leave AB2109 alone. It’s doing it’s job. The honorable thing to do is to preserve religious and personal freedom. The Founding Fathers of this great Country built it upon those values. Values that ensure the survival of a society whose dependents came from tyrannical places where a soul’s right to breathe was squashed. All of our ancestors came from a place like that to build The United States of America. Where freedom to choose and liberty to breathe in life is insured. Bills and laws like this destroy that basic fabric. I mean, making mandatory potentially harmful medical procedures? Really? Geeze Louise, where will that lead is in the future?

Governor, end this tyranny now. You have a fantastic legacy. Don’t leave it tarnished with tyranny and hypocrisy. We are the United States of America. We are the last stand against tyranny. There is no where else to escape to. Let’s keep it that way. Veto this bill, Governor. Please. Please stay my hero.

Lastly, Governor, you have a track record for respecting parental rights. When you dismissed ab1444 in 2014, you indicated that you “prefer to let parents determine what is best for their children, rather than mandate….” In 2011, you dismissed sb105, regarding ski helmets, when you indicated you were concerned with “the continuing and seemingly inexorable transfer of authority from parents to the state. Not every human problem deserves a law. I believe parents have the ability and responsibility to make good choices for their children.”

Governor, I would tell you, as we sit in that tavern, and enjoy our libations, that your stance applies with SB277 as well. Ab2109 and the preservation of personal and religious exemptions is just and it works. Vaccination rates are up. And people still have their civil Liberties in tact. Community immunity is achieved. There is no epidemic, only fear mongering for a profit and some campaign contributions. Those are shallow reasons to pass a bill. Please veto SB277. Lastly Governor, and I appreciate your time. Pan and the co-authors claim that this bill protects kids who have diseases, who are compromised immunologically. The medical community has long-acknowledged and was stated by an expert witness in the senate health hearing, that cancer patients and those who are compromised immunologically should stay away from the recently vaccinated for 6 weeks, otherwise there is risk of catching the very diseases that were vaccinated for that immunocompromised kids would be exposed to in the public school setting. That’s an oxymoron. A contradiction. It’s not a logical argument and is fallatious.

With respect Governor, you are one of few heroes of mine. I ask you to leave your legacy free of tyranny and hypocrisy. Multi-national corporations who seek legislation to impose their will on the populace whereby they profit and we can potentially get hurt, and do get hurt, is the definition of tyranny to any logical, moral person. Veto this ridiculous bill. We are California. This is the United States of America. May God bless us all.

Yours very truly,,

Dr. Rob Cohen


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  1. Lourdes says:

    Reblogged this on Nature to Nature.

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    I love your letter to the Governor, Dr. Rob Cohen. Reblogging.

  3. fineartistval says:

    Thanks for posting this letter written by Dr. Rob Cohen! It is well written but also down to earth.
    I truly hope that Gov. Brown reads it and uses sound judgment to veto this draconian bill.

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    A great letter to Governor Brown regarding SB 277– a bill that has made it’s way through the CA State legislature— that removes philosophical or religious exemptions to vaccines for entering private or public school.

  5. concerned mom says:

    CALawMama will you post any info about class action lawsuit our family can join or help form? Thank you.

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