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World Journal Coverage re SB 277 Legal Issues

I can’t link to the article, but it’s on the World Journal website (copy paste does this:

Here is the original text:

30多位家長、兒童和律師代表22日聚集在柏克萊市政府門口,反對加州目前正討論的強制學生打疫苗SB277法案。家長羅克威爾(Sarah Rockwell)說,家長有權為孩子選擇如何打疫苗。律師歐巴斯基(Caitlyn Obolsky)表示,加州憲法明訂學童受教育的權利。如果因為不打疫苗就拒絕孩子上學,那就違反了加州憲法。



歐巴斯基表示,法案規定,家長不能以「個人理念」(personal belief)為由拒絕打疫苗,如不打,子女將無法到校上課,須改為在家上課(home-schooling)。在家上課有很多選項,其中之一是父母教孩子。但實際上,父母工作沒時間帶,所以要請日托(daycare),「這麼多家長要請日托,是非常大的市場,一些沒有品質、證件的日托機構會乘隙而入,帶來潛在的威脅。無良的日托照顧孩子,孩子健康出了問題怎麼辦?出現突發情況是否知道如何處理?

Here is what I am assuming is a Google Translate version:

More than 30 parents, children and lawyers on behalf of 22 municipalities gathered at the door of Berkeley , California, is now opposed to force students to discuss vaccination SB277 bill. Parents Rockwell (Sarah Rockwell) said parents have the right to choose how to vaccination for their children . Lawyers Ouba Chomsky (Caitlyn Obolsky) , said California Constitution express right of children to education . If you refuse the vaccine because they do not hit their children to school , it is a violation of the California Constitution .

In the Berkeley city government , parents and children holding a variety of slogans against the bill SB277 . Rockwell San Francisco with five years and a two -year-old children also came to the scene . She said their children now attend class at home , do not immediately hit the vaccine , but it is worried that after the passage of the bill to enforce , “Parents know best and most concerned about their children’s health, they have the right to choose whether to be vaccinated , and in the end to fight what vaccine this option is not into the hands of the police . oppose the bill are not against vaccination , but to regain our right to freedom of choice . Lawyers Ouba Chomsky unites over 160 peer oppose mandatory vaccination bill. She said the California Constitution guarantees the right to education of school-age children, such as refusing vaccination would not allow their children to attend school, in violation of the California Constitution, the bill needs to be scrutiny. Moreover, statistics, the world’s children, the United States the highest number of children vaccinated. Vaccines can indeed reduce the risk of some diseases, but not absolute. People have the right to refuse for religious or philosophical reasons for vaccination, such as government enforcement, it will lead to vaccine safety, legality doubt, “according to the world standards, patients with prior informed consent, to know the success rate of treatment methods and other information, even if a vaccine. We require all vaccines adequate medical investigation. “

Ouba Sharansky said Act, parents can not “personal philosophy” (personal belief) refused vaccination, if not beat, the children will not be able to attend school, to be replaced by the class at home (home-schooling). There are many options for classes at home, one of which parents teach children. But in fact, parents do not have time to work with, so please daycare (daycare), “so many parents want to please daycare, is a very big market, some do not quality, undocumented day-care institutions will Chengxi infiltration, potentially threat unscrupulous daycare child care, child health is a problem how to do? sudden know how to handle the situation? “


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  1. fineartistval says:

    From what I gather, he actually did his job: he reported the facts! Unlike most other American news media. I wonder how big their circulation is.

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