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An Open Letter to the Democratic Party and California Lawmakers

Dear Democratic Party and California lawmakers,

Do you know what the biggest problem with lawmakers, politicians, and political parties is today? YOU are entitled. You think you are entitled to the vote of your so called “base.” You think you are entitled to maintain the same number of people in your districts, or your state. You are wrong.

I have never been one to vote the party line blindly. I always consider the issues and candidates’ positions.

However, I am SICK and tired of politicians doing things to gain popularity when they know or SHOULD know that they are wrong. ESPECIALLY when the law is unconstitutional. Your voters are people, and they actually think about the things that you say. The misinformed and rude statements you make to polarize or ostracize people on twitter or any other social media platform.

You are not entitled to have anyone vote for you. You have to EARN your votes. You represent US. So do your job and LISTEN TO YOUR constituents.

When Hillary Clinton announced that she was running for president, like any life long Democrat/bleeding heart liberal, I was ELATED. I thought, I cannot wait to campaign for her! Because I dedicate what little time I have to helping causes and people that I support.

But then, she started praising common core. Seriously? That’s one of your first moves? And THEN, OH AND THEN, she sent a highly inflammatory tweet regarding vaccinations. I cannot read that tweet as ANYTHING other than condescending. I asked you about it, and I did not receive a tweet in response. Shocking.

You do not represent me or my views. I respect parents’ right to choose what’s best for THEIR children. Children belong to themselves and their families, certainly NOT to the government. When did the Democratic party become the voice of Big Brother, please tell me? I supported Obamacare, because as a lawyer, I have read the cases about insurance companies, and as someone with asthma, and now children, I have experienced first hand their pre-existing coverage exclusions and outrageous claims. But it will be a cold day in HELL if you think you are going to tell ME what medical procedures will be required for MY children.

When did our party stop being about helping people in need? Because that is what *I* signed up for. However, I have recently realized in my volunteer efforts, and by providing completely free legal advice, that volunteers could truly run the government and social service agencies more efficiently. I mean CPS is investigating kids walking to the park, R U SRS? Yet as a blawger, I am CONSISTENTLY coming across cases of parents whose children are being taken away from their parents because they have been physically abused AND THEN GIVEN BACK TO THOSE SAME PEOPLE. Where is the real societal problem?

Statements by Rand Paul and Scott Walker are becoming appealing. WHAT THE HELL IS THAT DEMOCRATS? Why are those two men more appealing than Hillary, she is supposed to be OUR Golden Girl.

But she does not speak for me right now, and she does not speak TO me.

Therefore, because of my deeply seated dissatisfaction with our party, I am respectfully and officially becoming a member of the Republican party. And I am not the only one.

As of this second, I am the newest member of the California Republican Party.

Maybe that will get your attention.







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4 Responses

  1. mamaglee says:

    Reblogged this on Mamaglee's Blog and commented:
    I’m the newest newest member!

  2. Tamy says:

    A little birdie sent this to me; I totally agree with you. Excellent post. It’s no longer a democracy. It’s absolute tyranny. I am so disenchanted with the Democratic Party. (Sayonara!)

  3. If you think Either one of the TWO parties are looking out for our best interests you have not been paying attention. They both have been persuaded by big money and will continue to do so to meet their agenda. Frankly I just think the Republican party is reading the public better than the Dems right now. Whatever it takes to keep what little freedoms we have left I guess. I hear you loud and clear . I have always voted a split or independent ticket,that will not change. I am tired of them saying what they think we want to hear and jumping on the same ol band wagon.Big Money,Big Pharma,Monsanto,ect.once they are in office..

    • calawmama says:

      UGH and I’ve her Hills is connected directly with Monsanto– it makes me ILL. Remember that stuff your grandparents ate, called FOOD?

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