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Stop The Madness: Why I Vehemently Oppose SB277

My thoughts on the vaccination madness.

From Law School to Homeschool

Before I begin, I have a few disclaimers to state:syringe

  1. I vaccinate my children. We made this decision based on what is best for our family.
  2. I homeschool my children, therefore this law does not affect me or my family.
  3. Bureaucracies and all of their downfalls make me crazy.
  4. In a Bioethics & Law course, I wrote a research paper on the substantive due process rights of parents to refuse immunizations for their children.
  5. My arguments are based on my legal training and experiences as a parent of four children, here in California.

California has long been a bastion for innovation in the legal field. From laws on Evidence, Environmental emissions, to philosophical aka personal belief exemptions for refusing vaccinations, we are first, and I like to think in some cases the best when it comes to making cutting edge choices.

This is not a cutting edge choice.

This is…

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One Response

  1. Mickey says:

    I would like to invite you on our national public affairs show on KPFA next week…can you contact me please? We are doing a show on why people oppose SB277 since most in the corporate media won’t treat opposition to the bill seriously (esp. legal). Thank you!

    Prof. Mickey Huff
    Director, Project Censored/Media Freedom Foundation
    Co-host The Project Censored Show

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