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Late to The Frozen Game

So by now the market is fully saturated with everything Frozen. I’m sure I don’t have anything new to say on the topic, except that it is new to our family.

My girls have a friend who, like many other girls across the country, has been obsessed with the film since the first time she saw it. Due to a pronounced fear of the dark, and inability to remain still or quiet, we did not see it in theaters. And although there was a rumored digital copy on the internet, unfortunately as lawyers, we can’t very well claim ignorance of copyright infringement laws. So, we were waiting for the film to come out. Although the girls did recently see the “Let it Go” scene on YouTube, which they have been signing ad naseum ever since. In fact, on a trip to the Disney store a month or so ago, my oldest read a sign that said the release date was March 18, and essentially branded the date into memory. She would let anyone who wanted to hear know when it was coming out, and essentially counted down the days until the big release.

So, like the dutiful Disney watchers that we are, March 18 we headed to our favorite Target and picked up a copy. Once we brought it home, the four kids and myself squished to fit onto our couch, and watch in the closest thing to silence that my kids can muster.

I must say, eventhough I knew from the book we recently picked up that Hans was a “bad guy,” I really did not see that one coming. I recalled reading an article about how there was no “mustache twirling” to inform the viewers that he really had a hidden agenda. I imagine that would have been borderline devastating to my overly trusting and sensitive littles. But, they were anticipating he would be bad– in fact my 4 year old delights at the ending scene where Anna punches him in the face. I was personally so upset, that I actually understood the basis for this article, although I happen to fully disagree. I mean, at the end of the movie, Anna presumably is interested in Kristoff, and who knows what will happen to Elsa.

I also read an article/watched video of the ending scene of Let it Go, where the writer claims there was some upset among mothers of some sexy look or villianous situation with Elsa looking at the camera in a bad girl way. I didn’t get it in the clip, nor in the film. So whatever.

However, while I was warned of the snow monster, which luckily wasn’t a big deal on our small screen, and the parents dying (my kids still haven’t figured out that the ship scene signifies that), nobody warned me how God Damn SAD the beginning, and actually a large majority of the film was. As an only child, I always dreamed of having a sister, and the portrayal of how their relationship evolved made my heart hurt for my two girls as they watched. They understood what was going on, and I imagine the felt how sad it would be if that ever happened to either of them.

Sob story aside, I was interested to learn who portrayed the voices of the characters. Ever since we bought Tangled, and I figured out that Rapunzel’s voice was Mandy Moore, I’ve felt rather proud of myself for having figured that out. As it turns out, I was further correct that she is now voicing the lead character in the new series “Sheriff Callie.” And, while we are at listing my oh so important inferences, I was very surprised when I realized that the butler on Sophia the First is none other than Tim Gunn from project runway.

In Frozen, however, I was unable to place any of the voices. After looking at Wikipedia, the only actress I recognized, was Kristen Bell, who apparently can and does sing in the film, as Anna. What was more surprising, however, was that the actress who voices Elsa, Idina Menzel, was also one of the leads in Rent and Wicked–which I am unable to link for you as my 3 week old is calling. Check out the Wiki entry on Frozen to learn some cool info about the film, including how they studied Snow and culture to build the scenery, etc. The “A Mighty Girl” page on facebook also stated that it was the first film directed by a woman to break a billion dollars in revenue. Pretty cool!


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