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As a bibliophile, it’s only natural that I attempt to instill a love of books in my children. In order to accomplish this, in addition to having a good selection of books at their every day avail, we also make trips to the library as often as possible. Additionally, because our library trips are typically true to form of this blogger, and categorical of a mother of four, due to our library’s amazing terms of 50 items per library card, I attempt to check out as many materials as possible so that we will be set for a long period of time. I am also infatuated with the idea of strewing (see also), and so I check out some interesting books in the hopes that the kids will be interested.

So anyway, on our first chaotic trip to the library (our last happened to be little boy’s due date), our first time as a mom with four kids, the kids were surprisingly not gathering almost any books. Which was frustrating because we have to pay for parking to go to this awesome library, so I mean we need books on principle! lol. Anyway, we ended up getting much less than usual, but since the kids were near the media area, I decided to check out the CD selection, and I found Heigh Ho Mozart.

After we took everything home, it turns out the kids loved the HHM, and we ended up talking about the composer study from AO. I had fully intended to keep with it, but it was one of the things that went to the way side. Now, however, we fully intend to pick up again, and I am hoping that we will be able to get the kids to focus more, particularly on the art study. 

I feel like homeschool is all about symbiosis and cycling through things that hold interest. Have you rediscovered something that you wanted to introduce your kids to?


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