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4 Year Olds and Pinterest

I’m not sure how it happened, but some time in the past few months, I realized that my 4.5 year old had a real visual interest in baked goods and desserts in general. Naturally, I somehow came to the realization that she might enjoy looking at pictures on pinterest. Only, she didn’t just want to look, she wanted to pin, too. So I made her her own board. Any now she has her own followers, like out of my 20 something boards they only follow hers. And she wants to “pin” everything. 

Today, I opened my laptop, and this site was open.

What’s further somewhat funny to me, is that because my 6 year old has some conception of how the computer works, I’ve instructed her how to search for educational activities on pinterest (remember we homeschool), so she pins things that she’d like to do on her board. Only, because she knows how to type her own name, she has like 3 separate boards with various pins strewn amongst them.

I didn’t even learn to type until like fourth grade. Kids these days!


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