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Stressed? Be a Kid Again

I recently read an article or some snippet or whatever on facebook, that adult playgrounds are on the rise. I find this incrrredibly ironic, because there is also a movement by some moronic parents to remove play equipment from playgrounds. Don’t get me wrong, I’m as paranoid and helicopteric as they come when it comes to my childrens’ safety, but removing equipment? Come on now.

So anyway, these adult playgrounds. Supposedly they encourage adults to be physically active, and just have fun. I think the legal reasoning behind them is that some parks explicitly state that adults cannot be present without a child, for good reason, of course.

This past weekend when we were at the park with the kids, since we basically live there, I got on the swing next to my 5 yr old, which she LOVES, because she likes to “race” me, to see who can go higher. So anyway, on this particular occasion, I was thinking about how fun it was to be on a swing as a kid. You think you can basically fly, etc. I know my kids love those swings like no other. So then it struck me, adults should basically pretend to be kids and just DGAF. Climbing play structures, going down slides, running in fields, climbing trees, etc. DO IT! You won’t regret it! If you are concerned about what people might think about you, then go when there aren’t other people there (e.g. if it’s freezing or raining there’s almost ZERO chance of kids), or after dark. Just let go and have fun. If you have some friends to hang out with, then play tag. It’s SO fun when you are actually coordinated enough to run fast, over obstacles, etc. Trust me, I know because my kids like to play it all.the.time, and of course I always let them win, but not after making everyone run all over the place.

Also, something I’ve realized about myself personally, is the transformative power of nature. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, drive out to your nearest nature reserve, lake, river, forest, whatever. Just sit in the middle of it and take it all in. If you don’t instantly feel more relaxed or meditative, then I don’t know what. So just go. Bring a picnic in case you get hungry, and maybe some bubbles. Bubbles are always a good idea.

So there you have it, stressed out adults, go to the park and play! Remember, when you were a kid, and life was fun?!


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