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The Smart Crockpot

So we got a crockpot, just like everyone else and their mother does, when we got married. I actually registered for it b/c it looked nice online, haha! But I only used it like maybe once in the almost 4 years we’ve been married. Since we’ve been in law school, 3 years now, it has been accumulating dust along with all of our other marriage procured kitchen accessories, b/c let’s face it, neither of us ever have time to cook. Thus, the micro, and occasionally the oven have been our primary means of eating.

Life will never be the same.

I hadn’t used the crockpot b/c I thought you could only do like 8+ hours, meaning it would have to be on when we weren’t home & the house would burn down, etc. But, now that the nanny is here w/ DD during the day, I decided to give it a shot. That is when I discovered it has 4 settings!!! 4, 6, 8, and 10 hour! How could I not have known this? That means that I can throw stuff in there when I get home from work at like 1:30 and we have food that actually tastes good by dinner time. I have cooked 3 times in the past week, which is like how much I would cook in a year. I know they have liners now too so you don’t have to wash it. However, washing it hasn’t been that bad b/c nothing has gotten stuck on yet. Having a 1-2 day turn around & keeping the lid on has kept anything from getting baked on.

This is awesome. Every mother/person with no time to cook/monitor timers should get one of these, ASAP!


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