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The Smart Crockpot

So we got a crockpot, just like everyone else and their mother does, when we got married. I actually registered for it b/c it looked nice online, haha! But I only used it like maybe once in the almost 4 years we’ve been married. Since we’ve been in law school, 3 years now, it has been accumulating dust along with all of our other marriage procured kitchen accessories, b/c let’s face it, neither of us ever have time to cook. Thus, the micro, and occasionally the oven have been our primary means of eating.

Life will never be the same.

I hadn’t used the crockpot b/c I thought you could only do like 8+ hours, meaning it would have to be on when we weren’t home & the house would burn down, etc. But, now that the nanny is here w/ DD during the day, I decided to give it a shot. That is when I discovered it has 4 settings!!! 4, 6, 8, and 10 hour! How could I not have known this? That means that I can throw stuff in there when I get home from work at like 1:30 and we have food that actually tastes good by dinner time. I have cooked 3 times in the past week, which is like how much I would cook in a year. I know they have liners now too so you don’t have to wash it. However, washing it hasn’t been that bad b/c nothing has gotten stuck on yet. Having a 1-2 day turn around & keeping the lid on has kept anything from getting baked on.

This is awesome. Every mother/person with no time to cook/monitor timers should get one of these, ASAP!


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An Awesome Lawmama Day

I think it started last night when husband texted me that he would get Carl’s Jr. on the way home from his Bar study session at the library. A $6 burger, chocolate shake, and chili fries make any normal night great. Plus Big Bang Theory and Rules of Engagement are on, totally awesome.

I spent the morning with my friend and her husband at the California Bar Swearing in Ceremony, and it was so fantastic. The judge-speakers emphasized several themes including living a whole life (with several mentions of family, and a statement that having the kiddos there was ok-this was the admittees’ day!), maintaining your integrity/reputation, giving back–especially in the given economy, and making the profession proud. Solely due to pregnancy hormones, I’m sure, I almost wept everytime they said something that really hit home, which was mostly everything. It was also so funny to see my Criminal Procedure professor seated up front with the rest of the CA Ct. of Appeals 🙂

After a wonderful lunch & good conversation, I headed home to hang with kiddo and husband, and our grocery delivery finally came. And so did our replacement video monitory, finally! It is so funny to watch a toddler falling asleep, and kiddo is incredibly active, constantly standing up, laying down, rolling around, playing with her feet! No wonder her baby sister is always beating me up from the inside, she’s just training for her post-natal lifestyle!

Then, baby girl started her winding down with almost no crying, which is the opposite of how she has been lately because of her teething (we think). Anyway, it was just such a great, typical, nothing out of the ordinary day. Just another reason I love my life.

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